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Ian Wegg

I live with my wife Wendy in Petersfield, Hampshire. We have three children, in varying degrees of residency, and an incumbent cat called Jasper.

I spent most of my career in the computer industry, starting in 1979 at West Sussex County Council as an IBM System 370 operator and moving on to programming and systems management. In 1988 I joined Digital Equipment Corporation as a network specialist and spent the next 26 years in various technical roles at DEC / Compaq / HP before retiring at the youthful age of 56.

I created this website in August 1997 as a place to share my family history material. Through it I have made contact with a number of fellow researchers and previously unknown relatives who have helped with building my tree.

Ian Wegg

Since retiring in 2014 I have been able to spend more time on my other interests, some of which I have also created websites for:

Buchan Blog A blog documenting my long-term project of archiving a collection of VHS cassettes.
Gilbert Hambone's Diary A site for audio / visual material relating to the history of my home town of Midhurst in West Sussex.
SogMog The Facebook page of the South Coast Centre of the Morgan Sports Car Club, of which I am webmaster.
Stuff Various material you won't find anwhere else on the internet, even if you looked!

Thank you for visiting and if you wish to contact me please email:
Ian (at) Wegg dot org
or send me a message on Facebook.

Ian Wegg, 2016.